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Thursday, September 4, 2014


I feel like society puts us in a box that matches our stereotype. Once we are labeled as: Jock, Freak, Nerd, Loser, F@g, and/or poor we are put into a box. Every time we try to get out of that box, society pushes us back in. It’s not acceptable to be an individual. Society make us think that people can’t be homosexual and like sports. Society make us think that girls can’t throw a football. Society make us think that boys have to be masculine. Society make us think that black people are violent.
  That’s not fair. You are so much more than your stereotype. You are an individual. A human. An equal. Nobody is better than somebody else, especially because of their stereotype.
  When I say, “There was a thief that stole from a gas station.” you already have an idea of what said thief looks like, how they act, and why they robbed the place. The popular opinion is that the thief is a 20-30 year old, black, and a male. He probably had a gun or knife and needed money to pay for drugs.
  When I say, “He got beat up.” you already have an idea of what happened. The popular opinion was that the guy got jumped. He wasn’t an innocent man and probably grew up in the “ghetto” and got beat because he owned people money and stole.
  Little do you know that the thief I was talking about was a 17 year old, white, female, stealing food because she was running away from her house.
  Little do you know that the guy that got beat up was from his girlfriend that hit him with a frying pan.
  Society teaches us to look down on people who try to come out of their box. Society teaches us the black people are dangerous just because of what they wear or how they talk. Society teaches us that girls can’t be as tough as boys. That boys should be ashamed if a girl hurts them. Society teaches us that it’s okay to be “ourself”, as long as we act like our stereotype. Society teaches us that, nobody will like the real us.

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