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Friday, April 26, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #7

Student Blogging 
Challenge #7
Free Choice #2

     I am going to be writing about a book. Now your first thought after reading that sentence is that I was going to bore you to death about how reading is so important and you probably thought that I was going to say something really deep or have a quote or something. You are wrong. I will write about "The Misfits," a book by James Howe.

     In the book it is about 4 misfits that find each other and run for an election. I could already tell just skimming through the book that it was going to be the normal, everything is awful at the beginning and every things magically okay at the end. I was half right; in the beginning it started at school (As like every book meant for kids) and then there was a problem. (As like every book meant for kids) However in this book it had 4 main characters that were very complex and distint people. They all have had their share of being called names. What's different in this book that usually isn't in other books? The 4 main characters all had a lost but it didn't matter because they actually won.

     Some cliche ending where everything is all right. Everybody ended up doing something important when they grew up, yet they lost something but it really didn't matter. Winning is not always everything (Said in almost every book) This is my favorite book because it was pretty cool on having people that you can relate to and having people that you will never understand but thats alright because I don't understand a lot of things. Even though you might of thought that I hated this book, I do not I am just very opinionated. I actually really liked this book.


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