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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #6

Blogging Challenge
Being Online

I think that I don't have a different personality online; some people do though. They act different like they will be meaner because they are braver when they don't have to say it to your face which is actually not brave at all. A lot of people just try to be funny and it ends up hurting somebody, which is called cyber bullying. I'm not about to talk about cyber bulling and all of its effects because everybody knows about it and it would just be plain boring. So don't worry.

I don't have a different personality online, I think that if somebody saw my blog and it didn't have my name on it then they would know that its mine. I talk about some of the same stuff that I do in my real life and I incorporated it into my blog. When I saw my friends blogs it was so truthful and like them that I read it the way that they would say it. Which was pretty funny because the people I hang out with are funny... at least to me. You can tell a lot about a person by the colors that they use, what they write about, how much they write, and if they make list a lot.


  1. Jewel,
    I love your name. I had a student many years ago named Jewel, and she was. My favorite thing you wrote in this blog post is "They act different like they will be meaner because they are braver wen they don't have to say it to your face, which is actually not brave at all." Well put, and so true. Bullies usually are not brave at all!

    I know it is harder to get emotions across online, maybe that's why you mean by "people just try to be funny and it ends up hurting somebody" I think that might just be a misunderstanding, which can be corrected with better writing skills or talking to the friend face-to-face or on the phone if you know them. In my opinion, cyber bullying is something more sinister and deliberate. It can be really mean and dangerous to cyber bully.

    Anyway, about that colored text. You said you can tell a lot about people by the colors they use. Perhaps you like Christmas because you used red and green in this post. One thing I noticed about your colors is that the green is really hard for my old eyes to read.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mrs. Krebs

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Krebs. Actually my birthday is 2 days before Christmas and I really love green and red. We need to try to end cyber bullying because it is really mean and is usually worse over the internet. Where are you from Mrs. Krebs?